Monday, April 20, 2009

Working on Revision # 4

Well we are on our 4th letter revision..... It seems as if we can't get anything right on it LOL... And they rejected all of our Picture's... They told us that I wasn't smiling enough and that we look like 2 buds... And they told us that our pose with one behind the other was one was more dominating than the other.. They gave us sample letter's and pics with the same exact poses.. I don't get it why the heck give us those pics as example's and then say it's not what they are looking for.. Anyway We are staying positive.. It's kinda sad that it was easier for us to get all of our documents and Home Study approval stuff complete, then not be able to get this letter and pic approval stuff done..I swear they are just trying to find stuff wrong now...

Thursday, April 9, 2009

STill Working on Revision #2

It's been forever since my last blog... I really miss it... I guess this is how life will be once our little one arrives... I'll get used to it soon... Me and Chad are very tired from working our finger's to the bone's to save for our new arrival.. Don't get me wrong I'm Very Happy to do it just tired.. I do savor every moment of sleep in time I have left .. Every day that I get to sleep in any length of time I cherish it so much.. I've had 3 Client's have babies and I can see the tiredness in their eye's every time... I'm glad to know this ahead of time to really be able to put it into perspective for our lives's.... We are currently working on Revision #2 of out Dear Birth Parent Letter. SO that is where we are at at this moment.... We've already contacted the printer's and people for our website so we are on track with all of that stuff... We actually got 40% off of our printing services from this company which really excited us.. I've been tinkering around with our letter design concept myself and it's come out very unique to say the least.. I'll work on it a bit more and send it off to this guy who's gonna do our website and have him fine tune it to bring it together for us... I'll post a link or whatever when I get to that point...

Thursday, April 2, 2009

More Revision's

Our Birth Parent Letter has become that of the Agency's......... I Feel as if our thought's are gone and replaced by someone else's... I'm still trying to figure out why they just don't write the damn thing for us .. There even coming back with revision's on there own revision's we made because of what they told us to put in.. WHat Frigging Sense does that make????????????????