Saturday, February 28, 2009

The End of Weekend Intensive!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We Met with 2 Wonderful Guy's Tonight withing the Same Agency we are apart of now as of this weekend.... William and John... Two great Guy's that so Deserve a Beautiful Baby Soon... We wish you both all of the Blessing's from Up Above.... They turned us onto a resturant called Wild Fire... Great Place.. And the Lighting is so Gay Friendly... That might make some of you laugh but it was so soft and warm so any flaws anyone might have are totally erased..LOL.. I know I'm a Freak... Botox can't cure all but it does get really close...But our evening with this Wonderful Couple was filled with great conversation's about what we dealt with in our Weekend Intensive and other subject's we've not been able to talk to with other's on the same journey as we are.... That was Very Refreshing... I Probably talked way to much but We both had so much info floating around in our heads that it all kinda came out... Sorry William and John ...But I'm gettin a bit sleepy so I'll catch u all up on the rest of ourInfo filled weekend.. Huggs and Luv 2 all... Jason and Chad....

Friday, February 27, 2009

Weekend Intesive Day 1

Ok here I am Chad...Jason has been wanting me to write on here, but I am always working, watching sports, or a great deal of the time trying to fall asleep while he types...he does it so late at night. Many people may think that 8 pm is not that late, but I say how many of those get up at 5:45 am? I get up everyday go to work and teach, discipline, nurse, nurture, laugh with, police, 28 fifth grade children and many of their parents. I also work as Athletic Director at my school where I spend every weekend from Dec-Feb and many weeknights in February watching 3rd-12th graders play basketball. I do enjoy seeing former students and parents stop by and say hello. I do have a nickname by those students as "Mr. Sunshine" I threaten my current students not to call me that but after they leave me I do not mind. I just need them to show me respect while they are in my class.

I love sports and hope to pass it on to my child. I love my Ohio State Buckeyes and I think I have Jason hooked on calling our unborn child "Brutus" (The Ohio State Buckeyes Mascot's name) until we offically know what we will be having and then we will give him/her a true real family name.

As for this process it is crazy with paper work. My view point on it goes something like this: God will bless us with a child one day. I feel that we have to get everything done on our end and then when He is ready for us to have a child then we will have one. I do not want to prevent us from having a child because we could not take time to fill out paperwork.

This weekend is off to a good start. First we were able to get up and drive all the way to Atlanta without Jason getting a speeding ticket (on our first visit he got his first). Jason that was written for you because of the comment about you wanting me to fold your laundry and also telling everyone in the blog world about my fear of people touching my neck.

After the signing of the contract we were able to sit down with the other couples and review how to write a "Dear Mommy" letter and what the criteria is for that letter. Who knew writing a letter would have so many rules.

We are now back in the hotel after having a very large meal we are just sitting here trying to digest all the information we took in today. Tomorrow things start at 9 am. It is making me feel like I am back getting my Masters when I had to stay in a hotel and go to classes on the weekend. Last time I ended up with a degree this time we will hopefully end up with a child!

It will be another exciting day with lots of information and then on Sunday we will head home to get started on all the things we need to. I am sure Jason will add more. I hope you enjoy our blog and our adoption adventure!-Chad

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Packing For Trip To Agency!!!!!!!

We're putting the last few thing's in our luggage for our Weekend Intensive as we speak... Chad admitted to having a few panick attack's... Not in a Bad way but a Life CHanging way.. It's gonna be official tomorrow and boy what a reality check ....... I keep looking ahead into my minds eye towards the future, and see us with our child.. It's almost like Flash Forwards instead of back.. And I Love what I see..... I'm so fortunate to be able to go down this path...So Blessed....Well I really don't have much to say tonight so I'll try to write more later... Nite World....and Goodnight My Little Love if you are even out there yet...Love Your Daddie's....

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

1 more day till we Leave for IAC Weekend Intensive!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

One more full day and we are off to see the wizard the wonderful wizard of oz... Oh wait that was wrong 1 more day till we are heading off to see the Amazing people at the Independent Adoption Center... ...... I'm so beside myself I could just spit..LOL... no really I could..hehehehe... We have gotten all of the fingerprinting and docter's visit's for both animals and us coplete and everything mailed in one week.. Our Home Study person is impressed by our Promptness... I am to to be honest.. Not that were slacker's just I know how thing's can move in this house LOL... But I'm proud of Both of Us.... I'm Still Sad about my Kitty who has to lose his Eye on Monday.. I'm just Glad he's not gonna be in any pain after it's all said and done... Say's your prayer's for my Baby Please... Well I'm gonna blog more later so Peace and Love to all....Ps I'm trying to invoke thought's of Spring to us all with this pic of me and Chad and 2 friends by our pool in the back yard.. Hopefully it will warm us all up...

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

More Furry Squirel's

So Much To DO So Little Time

Hey World.... Today I had so much to get finished for our Home Study.. First I had to get my Physical at 8 am then I go Hom and had to make 3 trips to the Vet to Get everyone up to date with all of their shot's and all.. Then I find out with one of my furry babie's They Have to have their Eye Extracted on Monday.. I'm So Upset about that.. He's had so many problem's with that eye and now it's causing him to be in so much pain that he's so Lethargic and not even responding like he does normally... So in a way it was a God Send that we had to go today.. Then I had to go to the Police Station to be Fingerprinted on 4 cards.. well of course Chad didn't tell me 4 cards so I only got 2 completed.. so Now I hace to go back tomorrow for the rest.. It's really no big deal but I just don't like going into the Criminal room .. It's SOOO CREEPY in there...And then we had to go back to the Vet to Get all of the updated record's of the Pet's Vaccination's... 7 Furry babie's by the way... SO My Day has just been taken away from me.. All for a Wonderful Cause of Course.. I'm not Complaning don't get me wrong just so much to do and so little time..

Monday, February 23, 2009


We were tagged.
A special thanks to Kate at Stinky Tinky.
The rules for this award:
1) Choose a minimum of 7 blogs that you find brilliant in content or design.

2) Show the 7 winners names and links on your blog, and leave a comment informing them that

they were prized with “Honest Scrap.” Well, there’s no prize, but they can keep the nifty icon.

3) List at least 10 honest things about yourself.

1)Those two Daddies
2) Gay dads in munchkin land
3)It's Daddies.Plural.
4)Stinky Tinky
5)Family of Choice
6)Adoption and my Two Daddies
7)Michelle's Path

Now the 10 Honest thing's about me...

1) I'm so nervous that I'm not gonna be good enough for the Home Study people..

2)I Love to watch Steele Magnolia's over and over again.. " if you've got nuthin nice to say at all come sit by me"

3)Chad has this thing about his neck that he made the mistake of telling me he has this thing with his neck, so when we are in close range anywhere I so have to touch his neck .. He get's so mad in a fun way.. am I evil or what??

4)I still listen to Madonna...

5)I wasn't a virgin when I got married..LOL

6)I don't recycle.. I Promise to start and become a Green Father any Tip's??? and I have to take everything to the Garbage place myself so keep that in mind...

7)when I do laundry all of it doesn't alway's make it to my dresser after being folded.. Mostly I leave it in the dryer to get chad to fold it.. I know that that will not fly once we get a little one.. SO I guess I'm gonna try to enjoy it while it last's or until Chad make's a stand against me leaving it...

8)I Have To Have My Sleep... This is the only part of having an infiant that worrie's me.. I can be a little crabby, but once I meet our little one I'm sure that will make me see so differently.. Tips anyone????

9)I'm a sucker for all thing's Christmas.. I start listening to Christmas music way earlier than they start on the radio.. And we all know it get's earlier and earlier each year...I even as a kid had in my closet a mini Christmas Tree all decorated up all year long... I'll be that older gay man that own's the Christmas store up in the mountains that u come back and visit every year..

10)I Love Scary Movie's... I used to be so scared of them up until I was 13.. I forced myself to Exorsist 3 and ever since that night I totally coudln't get enough..Chad's not a big fan but will suffer through them..

Paperwork Yuck!!!!!!!!!

There is just so much paperwork for us to become daddies, it just doesn't seem right...But I am so willing to do what I have of the first questions asked was "Give us 3 reasons why you want to adpot" we of course came up with out answer's but I was so scared I was gona fill it out wrong and then be denied a child.. I know silly right.. But really how many of you freaked out when answering all of those question's????

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Baby Shower For a Friend

Me and CHad had a great time lastnite.... A Baby Shower of all thing's to be going to... I was so excited to go into Baby's R US..... I've decided to listen to people's advice about not buying baby stuff yet.. It was Super Hard not to.... It's not like I know the sex of my child yet so how in the world will I pick out an outfit for him or her.. I so need to come up with a nickname for my future child like Bobby from Those Two Daddies has He call's his little on Finster as I'm sure u all know... Great Idea so all of u need to help me come up with some ideas if u don't mind.. But Baby SHower lastnite was unconventional in nature as thing's tend to be when u are around a bunch of Hairstylist's... We ate ,drank , danced and played the Wii... thank god my friend has wood floor's with all of that red wine that was spilled.. LOL.... But the present's were great everyone got the couple... I purchased this really cute highchair... I think it might be the same one Iget for my future but when I get some picture's I'll post them.. I forgot to bring my camera..Like an idiot... well world I'll be back on later...

Friday, February 20, 2009

So what do u guy's think of the look of the blog??? Please give feedback... I'm gonna try and get Chad to make a guest appearance to give his thought's...


Hey World It's Jason here... I just had to say Hi and Say Thanks to Kate For being my first Blog Follower... I didn't even think anyone would wanna read what I had to say... Kate I'm gonna finish reading your Blog after this post.. U have Beautiful Kids by the way... Well it's Friday and Chad will be home at 4 today and that poor guy has been killing himself at work.. He's the Athletic Director at the Catholic Private School he Teaches at, and has been working 12 hour day's for the last 2 month's because of Basketball tournement's. I really don't know how he does it sometime's. He's so deicated to his routine and our Plans on Starting a Family... I'm a Better person for knowing him.. I've never been a creature of habit and boy am I now... Well not all the way but getting there...But yes He's Amazingly Dedicated !!!!!!!!!! He's gonna be such a great father... ........................................................................................................................................................

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Wow.... We have begun our journey to Open Adoption.. I Still Can't Believe it... Today is Thursday Feb 19 2009.... We just printed off the first round of paperwork (one of many I'm Sure) for our Home Study .... We've got so much that need's to be done now and it excite's me to know that Soon WE WILL BE DADDIE'S...Well I know not Soon but in the near future LOL.. They alway's say what u think and say u bring that to yourself so I'm Sticking with Soon.. Now I want to warn all of you out there Hooked on Phonics Didn't Work for Me.....So Read At Your Own Risk !!!!! But back to our process..... We Have our Weekend Intensive with the Independent Adoption Center next weekend Friday the 27th and Sat the 28th so we have alot of work ahead of us.. I'll let you all know what happens.. I know personally what a Pleasure it's been to read the blog's out there that pertain to our situation, and I know that everyone's journey is so different, and I know the more info out there for prospective parents there is the better.. Blogs Like Those Two Daddies and It's Daddies Plural were so Heart String Pulling and Info filled that it made me feel like if it was gonna happen tomorrow I'd be able to deal with it all...Thanks to all of you Guy's.... I was starting to feel like I was the only one out there for a minute.. I know I wasn't but it just seemed that way ..Well you all out there I will do my Best to Keep you informed of our progress so Please stay tuned