Sunday, February 22, 2009

Baby Shower For a Friend

Me and CHad had a great time lastnite.... A Baby Shower of all thing's to be going to... I was so excited to go into Baby's R US..... I've decided to listen to people's advice about not buying baby stuff yet.. It was Super Hard not to.... It's not like I know the sex of my child yet so how in the world will I pick out an outfit for him or her.. I so need to come up with a nickname for my future child like Bobby from Those Two Daddies has He call's his little on Finster as I'm sure u all know... Great Idea so all of u need to help me come up with some ideas if u don't mind.. But Baby SHower lastnite was unconventional in nature as thing's tend to be when u are around a bunch of Hairstylist's... We ate ,drank , danced and played the Wii... thank god my friend has wood floor's with all of that red wine that was spilled.. LOL.... But the present's were great everyone got the couple... I purchased this really cute highchair... I think it might be the same one Iget for my future but when I get some picture's I'll post them.. I forgot to bring my camera..Like an idiot... well world I'll be back on later...

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  1. Glad you had fun. Someday you will be partying up at your shower!