Friday, January 22, 2010

So we're still trucking forward and preparing to get our Homestudy info updated.. March will be the year mark of that part of the adoption process and the last week of July will be our full year mark of being officially in the book.. I wish they went from that point so we don't have to pay what we have to pay.. Oh well it's all gonna be worth it someday.. Nothing to exciting going on our way just working very hard and staying focused on our goal.. SO Happy Friday to all and until next time.. J

Monday, January 11, 2010

want to f//ck Carolyn right now

Howdy maste͢r :-)

aͥre you av͓ailable? I'ٜm re֒a֛lly h@rny and waٛnt to h00k֣up tonight! seٓnd a m͛sͬg so we can me͜eָt .

M֡y user̘name is Carolyn

My p֔rofile is here:

C u later!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

The crazy people

It just amazes me how an individual could think playing on the emotions of another is alright.. I mean WTF right.. Pardon my french but really. I hope this person who contacted us stops immediately their mind F*#king and grows up.. Sorry for the harsh words ya'll but it did sting a bit. Positive vibes are now in my mind and have moved forward. Wish us luck. Is it really luck ??

Emotional Scammer Watch Out

Just an update a Scammer is on the loose with claims of a baby up for adoption so anyone receiving info from an anonymous source please get in touch with your adoption professional immediately.. May the Good Lord in Heaven have Mercy on your soul...