Sunday, November 21, 2010


Gosh I can't believe it's tomorrow but it is, Finalization of Hudson's adoption.... This month it's been 2 years since we went to our Intensive weekend with the IAC... Our little man is just so precious to us and we are gonna have a great day in court... There will be pics tomorrow sometime... SO everyone look for them.

Right now we're sitting in the hotel room watching the movie Elf.. Cute movie by the way if you've not watched it... It's the holiday's and it's such a special time of year for me personally.. I just get the magic that goes along with it... I hope I can give my son that wonder and amazement everyday and every year...

Well more to come so say your prayers for us cause it's D day tomorrow.. LOL.. Nite.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Televangelist Oral Roberts' gay grandson says "it gets better"


Well more change is knocking on our door, it'll be good for our future but such a shift.. They say it's about the journey and I believe that can be true but when life shifts so much in such a short period of time over and over how do you stay sane? I know everything will be perfect for us, but dang how much more!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

More Pics

It's amazing how fast he's growing, like my sister said tonight " I'll blink and next thing ya know he'll be in 1st grade" ... I'm not wishing my time away for anything in life now, it's just to precious...

The Holidays are apon us and we've already got several outfits picked out for his Christmas pictures.. One is a santa outfit and another is a suit like piece that is just to adorable for words. When we get them done pics will be posted..

Sunday, November 7, 2010



Well it's been 2 months since my last post, just so much going on.... Hudson is 5 months almost, eating baby food already, trying to get on his knees and so many other firsts... He's an amazing little kid, I never thought I could Love someone so much this quick... He makes it so easy ...

Well my new salon is going well, still looking for people to booth rent from me.. I know they are coming soon I just feel it... Chad is subbing for several schools around our area, getting his foot in the door with the principals... Maybe something will come out of it job wise for him for next year..

Our Finalization is November 22nd... We are so excited and can't believe it's almost over with... Me and Chad change our last names at the same time so we all match Hudson.. SO Mansfield-Jarrett is our new last name... I think it has a good ring to it, what do yall think??