Thursday, April 3, 2014

Another year has gone by

We've had a lot of wonderful things happen to us in the last year. Chad got his dream job at a very exclusive private school, Hudson finally pooped in the potty and we found a new home.
Life has been such a learning experience for our family.  We wanted so much for things to be a certain way fast but the universe wanted us to learn some patience, knowing what it was to give would be better than we imagined. Lots of hard work on all fronts was achieved and life lessons learned. I'm so happy that we are there now.
Hudson is about to turn 4 in June,  and man alive he is getting so big.. including his 4 yr old attitude lol.. For the most part he's a even keeled kid. I hope we rub off on him with us being so chill in life... Now we are trying to ready him for going to Chad's school. He has to take a test to get into Chad's school in September so all fingers and toes are crossed.  Of course we have all faith he is going to pass as he's very smart. He's known his alphabet since he was 2.5 yrs old.. Not bad right..  He has one more year of another preschool setting to prep him for the real thing in 2016. With the testing only beginning in September, he has to take they won't allow him to start school after the school year started so we have to wait for the following year. It's a small price to pay for the education that he will receive through Chad's job and it's K-12th grade. So we are super blessed.  Chad took a lower position to get his foot in the door last school year by taking an assistant teaching job. But was offered the lead teacher spot for this up and coming school year. And you have to be the lead teacher to receive the free tuition for your child.  So our gamble by taking way less money paid off. I'm so happy for both Chad and Hudson knowing what's ahead for them both..
So basically we are just enjoying our day by day family lives..