Friday, January 22, 2010

So we're still trucking forward and preparing to get our Homestudy info updated.. March will be the year mark of that part of the adoption process and the last week of July will be our full year mark of being officially in the book.. I wish they went from that point so we don't have to pay what we have to pay.. Oh well it's all gonna be worth it someday.. Nothing to exciting going on our way just working very hard and staying focused on our goal.. SO Happy Friday to all and until next time.. J


  1. Good luck guys.. we are cheering you on! As far as the money, it sometimes feels like you are throwing money into a fire pit. It will all work out in the end.

    You guys have alot to offer a child. Keep up the good fight and your child will find you soon!

  2. I hope you get THE BIG CALL tomorrow. The waiting game sucks. Sending good thoughts.

  3. good luck! hey i'm from Peru and i'm 18 years old..but i totally identify myself with u guys..i'm a lesbian and i know that someday in the future me and my girl will be going trough all again GOOD LUCK!! and as u say :: it all will be worth someday :D

  4. first time to your blog and i just wanna say i hope your dream of becoming parents, comes true. i will keep you in my prayers. i'm sorry there are such hateful people out there who think nothing of getting your hopes up as a joke. bastards.
    keep your faith in focus, whatever it may be. you are being prepared for the day you get your child... waiting is a verb, so if you feel stagnent, dont.