Wednesday, February 25, 2009

1 more day till we Leave for IAC Weekend Intensive!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

One more full day and we are off to see the wizard the wonderful wizard of oz... Oh wait that was wrong 1 more day till we are heading off to see the Amazing people at the Independent Adoption Center... ...... I'm so beside myself I could just spit..LOL... no really I could..hehehehe... We have gotten all of the fingerprinting and docter's visit's for both animals and us coplete and everything mailed in one week.. Our Home Study person is impressed by our Promptness... I am to to be honest.. Not that were slacker's just I know how thing's can move in this house LOL... But I'm proud of Both of Us.... I'm Still Sad about my Kitty who has to lose his Eye on Monday.. I'm just Glad he's not gonna be in any pain after it's all said and done... Say's your prayer's for my Baby Please... Well I'm gonna blog more later so Peace and Love to all....Ps I'm trying to invoke thought's of Spring to us all with this pic of me and Chad and 2 friends by our pool in the back yard.. Hopefully it will warm us all up...


  1. I wanna play in the pool- (stomping my feet!)

    Have a great visit with the adoption folks. Good luck.

    Sorry to hear about your kitty. Hope he feels better quick.

  2. Kate I've been trying to post comments on your page but it will not let me.. it asks for the pass word typing part but no password come's up.. it just say's loading... I hope u see this Posting..

  3. Hi there,
    I'm responding to your comment on my blog.
    There is really nothing you can do to be more prepared. Based on your excitement, I would assume you guys are doing great and will be ready when the time comes. I do have some little notes below that have helped me:
    *Be flexible when your social workers schedules your home study visits. You will need to make sacrafices and this will show your social worker you are committed.
    *Be open to any kind of baby. We had no preferences of race, sex, exposure to drugs/alcohol. This moves you up the waiting list. Our son, was exposed to some drugs during pregnancy, we are keeping a close eye on his developement and he is doing GREAT.
    *Being gay men does not automatically put you on the bottom of the list. Some birth moms look at this as less a threat, because there is not a woman taking her place as a mom.
    *Live your life now as if you have a baby. Prepare a room, buy some non gender baby gear...There is a chance it may take a long time, but if you two are serious (no putting it on the back burner..kind of stuff), you two will be daddies. I'm a strong believer that if you believe and live your life as such, it will happen for you.
    I can't wait to hear about your weekend!!!
    Have a great time!!!!

  4. well, have a great time. Is that your pool? I want to go swimming. Its cold up here in New england.