Friday, February 27, 2009

Weekend Intesive Day 1

Ok here I am Chad...Jason has been wanting me to write on here, but I am always working, watching sports, or a great deal of the time trying to fall asleep while he types...he does it so late at night. Many people may think that 8 pm is not that late, but I say how many of those get up at 5:45 am? I get up everyday go to work and teach, discipline, nurse, nurture, laugh with, police, 28 fifth grade children and many of their parents. I also work as Athletic Director at my school where I spend every weekend from Dec-Feb and many weeknights in February watching 3rd-12th graders play basketball. I do enjoy seeing former students and parents stop by and say hello. I do have a nickname by those students as "Mr. Sunshine" I threaten my current students not to call me that but after they leave me I do not mind. I just need them to show me respect while they are in my class.

I love sports and hope to pass it on to my child. I love my Ohio State Buckeyes and I think I have Jason hooked on calling our unborn child "Brutus" (The Ohio State Buckeyes Mascot's name) until we offically know what we will be having and then we will give him/her a true real family name.

As for this process it is crazy with paper work. My view point on it goes something like this: God will bless us with a child one day. I feel that we have to get everything done on our end and then when He is ready for us to have a child then we will have one. I do not want to prevent us from having a child because we could not take time to fill out paperwork.

This weekend is off to a good start. First we were able to get up and drive all the way to Atlanta without Jason getting a speeding ticket (on our first visit he got his first). Jason that was written for you because of the comment about you wanting me to fold your laundry and also telling everyone in the blog world about my fear of people touching my neck.

After the signing of the contract we were able to sit down with the other couples and review how to write a "Dear Mommy" letter and what the criteria is for that letter. Who knew writing a letter would have so many rules.

We are now back in the hotel after having a very large meal we are just sitting here trying to digest all the information we took in today. Tomorrow things start at 9 am. It is making me feel like I am back getting my Masters when I had to stay in a hotel and go to classes on the weekend. Last time I ended up with a degree this time we will hopefully end up with a child!

It will be another exciting day with lots of information and then on Sunday we will head home to get started on all the things we need to. I am sure Jason will add more. I hope you enjoy our blog and our adoption adventure!-Chad

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  1. I'm glad you're so excited. Besides your home study the biggest hurdle will be that letter. IAC tends to drag on that.