Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Well nothing really new is going on with our Adoption stuff... We still have to take more candid photo's for our Birth Parent Letter....We've got our neice's and nephew coming over on saturday to swim in the pool ... Hopefully the weather will hold out for us.... ANd hopefully we will get the shots we need for our agency.... Chad got alot of photo's from field day at his school with all of his students from this year.... I can't wait to see them...

So basically right now we are just in limbo land with our Adoption Progress.. We are still so excited about our journey, we just feel stagnant right now.. As soon as school ends for Chad this friday we'll be able to make more progress cause he can throw himself into it full time for our Dream of a Family...

I really need to post more for my Blog Supporters cause no one is getting any news... I feel bad that I've slipped so much in my posts... Cause when I post more people see and the more that see the more that might have a need for Adoption Help , if that makes any sense.... I was so focused on getting the word out there a few weeks ago and just became overly busy with 2 jobs as well as Chads 2 jobs ... We are trying to stay positive and motivated... Gods been really taking so much care of us over the last few months and I'd Love to give God a SHout Out from us.. We Love You God and Thank You SOOOOOOOOO MUCH...For everything You Do....Life as we know it is changing everyday and like the CHurch sign down the road say's " Sometime's Temporary Surrender of Security Bring's Growth in Your Life" And boy oh boy is that so true to our situation right now....I really felt overwhelmed with Joy and Hope when I read that statement on that sign... You know how you think life is gonna go in the way you planned it out and all of this stuff just makes another mountain for us to climb..Like Miley Cyrus's song the Climb say's ( I can't believe I'm quoting from a 16yr song but so True ) It's about the Climb and boy we are climbing... Does that make any sense to anyone out there????

We as Gay soon to be Gay Parents have a long journey to become the parents we want to be... Not that anyone else doesn't go through the same things , but we take such a different journey than most to become this New Type of Family.. This Family doesn't have alot of other's to reflect upon for any type of guidence.. I know there are some out there don't get me wrong... But Locally the support locally is Nothing compared to what it should and Can be... So maybe we could be that type of support once we settle in on everything... It's gonna be amazing to see what comes of all of these hopes and dreams in the near future for not only us but our Community out there... Any Suggestions From my Blog World out there?????????

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  1. I'm totally with you on the support thing; we went throught that as well. Here's a post I wrote on it a while back that might help you out.

    Check out --that's where we found our new family friends...and it will be a great resource for our daughter when she gets older.