Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Staying on track is hard

Well for me (Jason) it's been a little hard staying focused on life around in general..Time has begun to blur and I think is this how fast life with my child one day will go by?? I know you can take pictures and make videos for yourself but how do you make it slow down just enough to enjoy the music and the breeze around you or just all of those little things without slowing to much?


  1. It will eventually slow down when your baby arrives. The world will simply stop when you hold him or her in your arms.

    The wait can be never ending! We know as our wait was long and sometimes painful. In the end, you will look back on this time and reflect on the lessons learned. We will continue to keep you guys in our thoughts.

  2. Wandered in here by accident...I am the mom of 7.
    Yes, SEVEN!
    They are all up and grown and out of the house now...okay, with the exception of my 26 yr. old, whom I call my *boomerang baby* as he keeps leaving home...then coming back, then leaving, then coming back...
    I miss all my babies being babies.
    It seems like just yesterday my oldest boy was running through the house with a saggy diaper and jam covered hands, giggling his little head off as he left chaos in his wake! Now he is 30, gee, almost 31 and 6'10"! I knew the time when he was going to be my baby was relatively short, so I enjoyed every *baby* moment I could when he was tiny.
    Your hearts will *capture* those moments and they last forever, trust me! Pictures and videos cannot capture that *new baby smell*--but I guarantee, you will never forget it! Nothing can record your heart welling over with joy when your baby pulls off the bottle and looks up at you with a milk-drunk toothless grin, but that moment will stay with you always!
    Good luck guys....and remember, your wait may be long, but your joy will be endless!

  3. Keep hanging in there. It will happen. I do know birthmoms who really wanted gay men to raise their child as they couldn't bare to have another woman be called 'mommy'. So keep enjoying life and it will happen. Your blog is very heart felt, you guys will make great dads soon.

  4. best of luck to brother and his partner just brought home thier second baby this week. very exciting. both were open adoptions.

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  6. I love kids, and I can't wait to have my own someday with the man I'll love. That'll be the dream.