Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Sorry its been so long

Gosh where has time gone??? Aah I know it's been ticking by So Fast because we've got a child!!!! Life is So Wonderful, Life Has Changed SOOOOOOOOO Much!!!! It's Awesome!!! Hudson is 9 months already, 2 teeth and more on the way, says Da Da all the time, Crawls everywhere and is trying to walk.. And those are just to name a few...

We're settling into fatherhood quite well I think, I don't go to the salon till 3 so I can be at home with Hudson, Chad picks him up and has daddy duty till I get home.. So glad we planned this all out like we did.. It's so awesome waking up and seeing that cute little face every morning smiling so bright! I feel bad Chad has to wake up so early and miss out on those moments during the week, but he gets the weekends.

The life we know is so different and we both know how lucky we are, we look forward to our journey and thank God for that little boy. Peace to all on that journey to be a parent and hope to all who are waiting!

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