Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Enjoying Life

Well I didn't have to be @ work till later today and it's been really nice to catch up on my blog reading... I see a few of you out there have had some setbacks and a few of you are well on your way to Happily Ever Afters... Me and Chad are just stuck right in the middle in Limbo land it seems.. Which I guess isn't to bad considering how bad the economy and all has been.. What do you do right..

We are both still just trying to enjoy our freedom filled lives at this moment.. Meaning waking up of our own accord and still playing that TV as loud as we want or watching what ever we want.. I will miss those day's but I know that those moments will be replaced with even better time's to be had..


  1. Glad you got some time to yourself- enjoy.

  2. Smart boys! Enjoy it while it lasts!