Monday, August 24, 2009

Work, Work and more WORK

Well everyone we are just (as you can se in title) Working our behinds off... Chad has been back teaching for 2 weeks now at school and I'm still burning up some hair at the salon.. I've never worked so hard in my life for something... At least I know I can do it.. It's amazing how much strength me and Chad have together... We do have to remind ourselves every now and then what we are working for.. Of course I say that meaning when we are just so tired..

Everyday I find myself going into my mind thinking how will I respond to my child about this or about that.. As I walk random things just pop into my head and it really makes me think about what needs to shift in my own thinking.. What sort of things have made you guy's and gal's out there shift your thinking???


  1. We don't have children yet... so when I have those days when I come home from work and I'm exhausted and I want to lay down and do nothing - I think of what life will be like when I have a child. Those lazy moments of exhaustion will be long gone and I will have to push myself to take care of things(dinner, cleaning, baths, homework..etc)that our child will need. So now when I have days like that, I push myself to do what needs to be done instead of letting it sit to the next day.

  2. Somehow the tiredness goes away until after I deal with the little one's needs and she's in bed for the night...then it's a glass of red wine and my DVR's of True Blood, Dexter, and The Office to relax me!