Sunday, October 18, 2009

Message Left

We folks we left a message with our IAC peeps to inform them of the 6 something minute message with no sound...Nothing new has come of our Phone call so still say your Prayers for us Please...Meanwhile I'm so Proud of myself I FINALLY RAN FOR THE FIRST TIME IN 15 YEARS... I'm so Proud of myself... I plan on continuing on this path because it was such a release for me... So wish me luck...I'll be back in shape in no time.. I ran 1 mile and walked another mile .. I didn't want to over work any muscles so I started on the light side running 2 laps around the track the walking 2 and so on and so forth.. God I want to be back to my old weight again ..


  1. We're thinking of you...running is such an emotional release for me too; now that I'm feeling better I am going to start going out again.

  2. I'm still keeping y'all in my thoughts and prayers. The perfect baby for you will be along soon, I just know it.

    I would love to run, but I'm afraid of the neighbor's attack dogs. LOL

  3. I think you're on to something with running. You've inspired me to dust off my treadmill :) Fingers crossed that you get the call soon.