Friday, October 9, 2009

Still Waiting !!!!

Well we are still waiting for another call to come our way.. We know it's gonna happen exactly when God wants it to, sometimes we want to speed it up but we know that's not the way.. Life is still trucking forward with us working Very Hard and staying strong.. I'm glad we have grown so much already from this journey we've entered into together.. We are probably seeing a glimpse of what we will be like when life takes a turn and so far so good...Nothing scary to note LOL... Seriously I see a Great Foundation within our home and I that is a Wonderful Start.


  1. A great foundation is a wonderful start. I hope your wait comes to an end soon!

  2. I check on you guys all the time. Your website looks awesome; are you using anything like Google analytics to track it? It's a fantastic tool, and it's free. There is a post on all the great stuff you can do with that and how it works on the IAC's adoptive parent message forum. You should go check it out. It's towards the bottom of page 2.