Monday, November 30, 2009

Another holiday gone by

It seems like forever ago that we started this journey. I know it hasn't really been to terribly long, but it sure does make us feel that way.. It amazes me about another holiday going by in a hurry and of course us both having to work.. We sure are sacrificing alot of this year so far. I know it is for the greater good coming our way. We're not down about anything don't think that, it's just that cruel when you get older time flying by thing and also it being slow with the stuff you want part.. I sure hope that made sense.. I've been getting full time hours from my part time job for awhile now and marketing myself to get new clients .. So far about 15 new people have got their hair done by me now, not to shabby I'd say.. I sure hope this economy continues to move forward, we all need some encouragement about it. Ok nothing else left to say so TTYL


  1. I have skipped many holidays due to the fact that they are just too painful sometimes. I totally know how you feel with another year gone by, but you've got to think ofthe positive. It's another year closer to baby.