Saturday, November 21, 2009

Well we got our report from last months letters and we had 8 go out and 1 profile save so I guess that would be 9.. Not to shabby I'd say.. It's very exciting to get those updates from our agency Independent Adoption Center.. We try not to bug them much cause we assume if they had any details of something they would tell us. So we continue our turn waiting like all of the other couples .. It is tough but we are strong and I think through it all it will make us appreciate our new family even more.. I think all this waiting is giving us more time to dream and make plans which we think is exciting.. We've read all the books we couldget our hands on about Open Adoption and everything we could find about babies in that first year.. We don't want to get to far ahead of ourselves so nothing is forgotten.. I personally feel as if we' ve been preparing for our Fatherhood Journey for so long now.. One day I'll have interesting news to update to all of the blogsphere out there.. HAPPY HOLIDAYS


  1. The waiting game is hard!!! Good luck with your continued search for a birhtmother.

  2. Ditto on the waiting game - it is very hard! Looks like you guys are getting some good interest from the IAC. If your anything like us, we always seemed to have a lot more activity on our website than just the stats the IAC could provide. So, if you're gettting 8 letters going out you're probably getting quite a few unique visitors to your site each month. Do you guys use google analytics, or something like that to track your site performance?

    Also, if/when you decide to do some of your own internet marketing I'd be more than happy to share our experiences with you. We basically advertised on every site the IAC recommended, as well as few others - so I can share which site were strong performers and which weren't.

    Best of luck you guys. Your baby will find you soon!!!