Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Dear Birthmother Letter 1st Rough Draft !!!!!

So here it is folks a 1st rough draft... We just sent it off to the agency today...Comments PLease!!

Dear Birthmother,
We are Chad and Jason. We are very excited to have the opportunity to do an open adoption. It is very important for us to have you be a part of our family. We feel the more openness we have the better our family dynamic will be. We want to raise our child in a loving, happy and compassionate home.

Chad is an Elementary School teacher. He looks forward to being able to help his own child with their homework. He is also excited about attending his child’s school activities as a parent like the Christmas Concert. Chad is looking forward to going on vacations to Disney when they are both out of school for the summer.
Jason is a hairstylist. He will make sure that his child is up to date on the trendiest styles. Jason works for himself so he can make his own schedule and will be able to stay home during the day to see all the baby’s firsts.

Our Relationship
We have been together for 6 years.
We knew on our first date that our relationship was going to be a new adventure for both of us. On our first anniversary we signed the papers to buy our house. Since that first year we have been looking forward to having a child to make our home complete.
Chad has a brother who was adopted through a closed adoption. We knew that when our time came to adopt that we wanted to have an open adoption. We want our child to know who he/she is and how much he/she is loved by their birth family.

Our Home
We live in Rock Hill, South Carolina which is about 30 minutes from Charlotte, North Carolina. We live in a quite neighborhood with a large yard in which our child will be able to play in and climb the trees. We are looking forward to teaching our child to swim in our private pool that sits in the backyard. We have three dogs and 4 cats that our child will be able to cuddle up with or play fetch with in our house. All of our child’s future schools are within walking distance. We look forward to walking our child into Kindergarten with their new backpack and lunchbox starting their whole new adventure.

Interest and Hobbies
Chad has a love for sports that reaches no other. He loves to watch football and basketball. He is looking forward to attending his child’s first little league game and being the biggest cheerleader in the stands.
Chad also has a great love for the theatre. He looks forward to the day when he is able to help direct his child’s school play like he does for his students.
Jason enjoys doing arts and crafts. He loves to make Christmas ornaments with our nieces. He can not wait to make our child’s “First Christmas” ornament.

Family and Friends
We have several nieces and a nephew that live close by. They are looking forward to having a new cousin that they can come over and have pool parties with and build forts in the living room at night.
We have a great deal of family that lives all around the country. We look forward to being able to take our child from Alaska to Nevada to visit all of these relatives.

Personal Values
We both have a strong belief that God will entrust us with a beautiful child that we will be able to care for and raise.
We feel strongly about giving our child every opportunity to get the best education either being Technical School or Ivey League.

Our View On Openness
We believe that our child should have every possible answer where they come from, their heritage, and an understanding of why their mother chose us to parent them.
We want the mother to have many pictures and be able to visit the child so the child knows they are loved.

We look forward being there for all the victories in our child’s life, as well as, the loses. We want to be there the first time they have puppy love. We want to be there to pick them up when they lose in the championship game.
We want to teach them that no one is better then anyone else. We want them to learn there are no rules when it comes to who you love and how you love them. Love is unconditional and can never be lost.

In Closing
We want to thank you for taking the time to get to know us. We want you to know that if you choose us your child will be brought up in a loving and accepting home. We would do anything we can to make sure our child is happy and well taken care of. Both of us look forward to talking to you in greater length.

Chad Jarrett Jason Mansfield


  1. I think it's very touching. Be prepared, IAC is fierce with that red pen of editing! I learned quickly not to take it personally because they really did have our best interests at heart. And our birthmother picked us not from our website, but from the letter, which surprised me.

  2. I'm not the type to take it personally nor is CHad so that is a good thing... I sure hope it touches someone...

  3. I think your letter is wonderful and touching! Best of luck! (I found your blog from another blog...you know how that goes. We live in Fort Mill, SC)

  4. Godwin I've tried to get onto your blog but was denied access.. Thank You for the Nice comment..

  5. that is because it is just a blog with my college friends where we update each other on life! :) it was a simple way to update instead of emails! :)

  6. Good luck to you both on your adoption journey :)

  7. I like the letter! Best of luck to you both. I hope it reaches your matching birth mother soon!

  8. That's a really good letter.

  9. One thing I can suggest is that you not call her a birthmother. (not sure what IAC says about this).

    First of all, your profile may be read by both parents. Secondly, the term "birthmother" is more appropriate to someone who has already relinquished, and can be considered coercive while she is still pregnant. At this point, you might want to address your readers as, simply, "Expectant Parents."

    It is more accurate and it will also make you stand out. (Not that you don't already).

    Best wishes to you both.

  10. Dont you worry. This letter WILL reach out to someone special. You did a great job on it.

  11. Jason, got to you through dad-blogs. Great to have you participating and I wish you and Chad all the best in your journey. That was a very nice letter and I hope the mother recognizes the loving and caring environment you are prepared to offer a deserving child.