Monday, March 2, 2009

Snow Day !!!!!!!!

We got about 5 inches here and it pretty much shuts everything down... School was out for Chad so he finished the book called The Kid... He's almost finished with it so I'll start it tonight then dish on it for everyone...It was required reading for us through our adoption agency Independent Adoption Center ...... Chad's all excited to have read a book in 24hrs..It's only 250 some page's so I guess that's good.. We need to get started on our Dear Birth Mother letter soon... We really don't want the process to slow down at all....We've covered alot of ground pretty fast and keeping that momentum is crucial... SO to all of you Blogger's out there We are getting ready to hit your Dear Birth Mom letter's pretty hard LOL.. S if u see us log on like 500 time's you will know why... I just hope that the agency will just Love what we've come up with.... My Sister has an English major so maybe we can talk her into helping us.. Thanks for all of the encouragement from all of you and Please Keep the Suggestion's Coming... We Really Love That....

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