Monday, March 2, 2009

The Kid

"The Kid" by Dan Savage was a very good book for people wanting to adopt especially for gay men in the adopting process. It gives their process in open adoption. It deals with a lot of issues from dealing with the birth mother who did drugs and drank, to the birth father who suddenly appears. It also tackles issues of talking to friends and family about what is going on. It starts with them attending their weekend session all the way to their child's first birthday. I am not a huge reader when it comes to reading things at home. But I found myself really enjoying this book. It had some strong language used, but nothing most homosexuals have not heard before. I found myself laughing at some of things and feeling sad in other parts. So I totally recommend this book especially if you have an agency that requires you to read two books. I would tell you to choose this book as one of your required two.
Now I must head to bed. I took Friday off and Monday was a snow day so I have to get my rest to deal with my 28 little ones tomorrow-If they do not make me change my mind about adoption nothing will!-Chad


  1. I really enjoyed "The Kid" and recommend it to everyone. You should read the second book, "The Committment". It's good as well.

  2. I enjoyed "The Kid" too. It was a REALLY different story than our own, but kind of cool to see the route that others took.