Sunday, March 1, 2009

Now The Waiting Begin's

So now we've completed the Weekend Intensive in Atlanta and are now home,Heads spinning and shivering from the cold snow that is falling really hard and fast.. So Much Info OMG!!!!!!!! And so many decsion's to make about what we are able to accept in our live's.... I'm thrilled we have moved to the next level... Just can't believe it got here so fast.. Like I've said in earlier post's we were able to complete the first round of paperwork for home study , and it felt great to hear from adoption person in class say oh you guy's already did that and the rest of the class needs to do it .. We are on Top of it...So now like I said we wait for Home Study person and wait for approval for that.. And of course Dear Birthmother letter writing begin's.. They called off school for Chad tomorrow cause of freak snowstorm here so maybe we can really focus on that tomorrow.. It sounds like so much.. And kinda Overwhelming knowing who is gonna read this.. We'll just have to take it one word at a time...Any suggestion's ????


  1. Great job on completing a couple of steps.

    I know it seems overwhelming- but baby steps.

    Enjoy the day off tomorrow!

  2. Great you had a good experiance at the WI...
    One thing we did before we even started our letter was to go to the IAC site and start clicking waiting families, gay and straight, to go to their websites. On some of them you can see their letter. We looked at what they did to try to get a starting point for ours. Funny thing is, IAC already knows what they want you to come up with. The thing I don't like is that we tried to make ours a little more unique to stand out more from the crowd, but IAC kept editing it down and soon it was similar to many other letters.

    IAC families are like "Survivor" in that we all bond and try to help each other, but the ultimate aim is to beat out everyone else and get a baby. Or that could be my sick take on it. (That could be it...)

  3. Congratulations on completing your first big step!

    Speak from your heart when writing your Birth Mother letter. Your sincerity will speak volumes. Ignore the example letters as they only convey other people’s stories.

    We had ten people read our letter/profile draft and give very honest opinions. Boy did they have opinions! This really helped us see how our thoughts were being conveyed to others. If you know a good editor, communication professional or English teacher let them take a look. They will tell you if your message is being understood. In the end our agency did not have any revisions or changes.

    On another note, I am firm believer that a higher power has more to do with the adoption process than letters, agencies or birth parents. All waiting families receive “their child” when they are ready and their time has come. Always remember to have fun as you write letters, paint nursery walls and ultimately WAIT. For me and my partner the waiting has become a time of thought and reflection. Our waiting period is hard but is very joyous as we become more in tune with our own inner spirits.

    Again… good luck with all that lies ahead in your personal adoption journey.

  4. Congratulations and good luck. Now the exciting part beings. Though, there are days I say, "CHRIST! WHAT.HAVE.I.DONE?!?" Fortunately those days are few and far between. :-)